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GrowlerStop in Newtown Increasing Beer Selection Due To High Demand

CINCINNATI (January 3, 2014) The GrowlerStop, a craft beer filling station in the Newtown Shell Gas Station, is making big changes in 2014. The small business opened in October as the first of its kind in Ohio, and is already evolving due to such high customer demand for its local brews.

“In our first couple months the business saw much greater demand than we anticipated. My initial concerns revolved around our ability to go through beers fast enough to keep it fresh, but demand has been so good the concern has now turned to local breweries keeping up with us,” said Blaine Bacher, General Manager of The GrowlerStop and WagsPark Shell Station.

As a result of increased demand, The GrowlerStop is adding eight new beer taps. In the past, The GrowlerStop featured ten local taps, but in early 2014, the selection will nearly double, with a total of 18 local taps to choose from. The selection of bottled craft beers at the Shell Station is increasing in addition to a root beer that is now on tap, for those seeking something non-alcoholic.

The GrowlerStop is now purchasing beer in larger quantities to keep up with customer demand and to maintain lower costs. Buying beer from local breweries in half-barrel quantities instead of sixth-barrels keeps cost down for the small business while still providing an increased selection.

“Our expansion allows us to keep our best selling options, like Rhinegest’s Truth IPA or 50 West’s Thirty-Thirty Seven, on tap, on a regular basis, while still providing the variety of new and one off brews that make the process dynamic for us and the customer,” said Bacher.

Post-expansion, the pouring station will continue to use The Pegas CraftTap, a specialty pouring system from Rack Draft Services. The Pegas counter-pressure pouring method eliminates overflow, and fills the growlers against counter pressure to ensure that the beer lasts longer and preserves carbonation, thereby improving the taste of the beer.

The GrowlerStop is still making a number of internal improvements and is already thinking towards external expansion to other locations throughout the city.


WagsPark Shell Station

The WagsPark Shell Station is located in Newtown, Ohio at 3804 Church Street next to WagsPark on the East end of Cincinnati. For more information on The GrowlerStop visit thegrowlerstop.com. WagsPark Shell Station is also home to the Wag-O-Mat, Wags Academy, and WagsPark Daycare. For more information about WagsPark visit wagspark.com or stop by for a visit.