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Who is this boy & what is in the cans? Answer to win a prize!

bucket-boyWho is this boy & what is in the cans?

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  1. A boy that collects buckets from around the world.
  2. He doesn’t exist, he is a myth!
  3. A name given to boys that would fetch buckets of beer from saloons before standard bottling was born.
  4. A boy that sings, and places a bucket on his head for better acoustics.


The growler. In recent years, craft beer lovers far and wide have come to know this vessel as a modern “best of both worlds” way to enjoy their favorite brews. The convenience of an easily transportable bottle, coupled with draft quality, allows us to enjoy beer the way the brew masters intended. The ability to capture near perfect preservation and maintain subtle nuances among batches has truly inspired the geniuses of the industry to create some remarkable tonics.

While the extreme success of the growler this day in age can be attributed to the recent craft beer movement, the origin of these beloved bottles has its roots set in a far earlier age than one might think.

In the mid 1800’s, with the lack of pasteurization and modern bottling techniques, large scale bottling was practically non-existent. Bottles that were available were too costly for the average citizen. To enjoy a brew, a local saloon was the one and only option. As you probably guessed, this was not a hurdle that would remain for long. Necessity breeds creation. As a result, the growler is born.

The first growlers were very similar to buckets. Ok, they were buckets. Made from tin, glass, or pottery, they allowed people to take brew from a saloon to their home. Before long, the “bucket boys” were out in full force. Appointed the important task of fetching beer for not just homes, but factories and other businesses as well, they did so with ever improving speed and efficiency. With no lids on their buckets, the contents needed to be consumed immediately, and they often had a large group to provide for. Using long wooden poles to hook the handles, up to 10 could be carried at once! This became known as “rushing the growler”.

For several reasons, including prohibition, growlers were all but lost until the last few decades. With the growler enjoying so much new success, we decided to pay homage to the bucket boys as well. One of the first and only shops offering craft beer delivery, we are always ready to “rush the growler” to your door!